Kings Cup – AKA Ring of Fire, or just Kings – is a drinking card game for 2 or more players.  The rules vary from party to party, but below are the basic Kings drinking game rules.  It involves placing cards face down around the “Kings Cup” each of which have drinking related tasks associated with them.

What Do You Need To Play The Kings Cup Drinking Game

  • 1 Deck of Standard Playing cards
    a pint glass full of amber beer
  • People – Minimum 2 – If you find yourself attempting to play drinking games with less than 2 people – you know, alone – then perhaps you should be using the internet to do something more productive like finding new friends, a Craigslist hooker, or looking at porn rather than to look up kings cup drinking game rules.
  • Alcohol
  • A Cup - this will be the King’s Cup

How to Play Kings Cup

Set up

  • Place an empty cup in the center of the playing area.
  • Shuffle the deck of cards, and them spread them around the cup face down.

Game Play

Players take turns removing a card from the pile, and performing whatever task is associated with that number card.  If you have custom Kings Cup cards, it’ll say right on the card what you need to do.

Popular Kings Rules

While the rules for kings cup and card assignments can vary depending on who you’re playing with and where you’re playing, the following are some popular rules to kings cup.

Ace – Waterfall – You must begin drinking, followed by the person to your right, all the way around the circle to the last person.  You can stop at any time and when you do so can the person to your right, and then the person to their right, etc. – all the way back around until the last person stops drinking.

2 – Give Two – You point to any two people and tell them to drink.

3 – Take 3 – You take 3 drinks

4 – Give 2 Take 2 – Tell two people to drink (or one person to drink twice) and drink two yourself

5 – Designated Beer Bitch – You must fetch beers for everyone until someone else draws a 5.

6 – Thumbs - You must put your thumb on the table and not tell anyone what you’re doing.  The last person to notice and put their thumb on the table drinks.

7 – 7′s – You must begin counting at 1, this will continue to your right with people counting 3, 4, 5, 6 – instead of 7 this person much shout “Fuck you” – and the direction of counting reverses.  You can’t say any multiple of 7 (7,14,21,28) or any number with 7 in it (17,27,37).  The first person to screw up the count or to say a “7″ number drinks.

8 – Make Up a Rule – Make any rule.  This rule must be followed by everyone, including you, until the end of the game.

9 – Rhyme Time – You must say a word, and then the person to your right must say a word that rhymes, and on until someone screws up.  That person drinks.

10 – Categories – You must pick a category, and then players (starting to your right) must come up with something in that category.  The first person to screw up drinks.

Jack – Dudes Drink – Dudes Drink

Queen – Chicks Drink – Chicks Drink

King – Kings Cup – Add some of your drink to the Kings Cup.  The person who draws the 4th king drinks the contents of the Kings cup.

There are a ton of different Kings Cup rules and variations, but many of them have these same basic set of rules.

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